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Franco-moroccan label based in Marrakech. 

Honoring the traditions of Moroccan craftsmanship. 


Ourika is a valley in the South of Marrakech in Morocco that lies in the first foothills of the High Atlas. Despite its proximity to Marrakech, it is still considered as a relatively well-preserved area by its nature and traditional mountain way of life. This nestled gem nourishes the soul.

Close your eyes : embrace the fresh air of the Atlas and its wildlife. Open your eyes : admire all the nature and the colours that the Ourika landscape can offer you, from the turquoise of waterfalls to the red terracotta mountains.


Ourika the label was born from the idea of gathering all the charm of the Moroccan country and its precious craftmanship through unique designs to people who don’t know about it and those who are in love with the country, its culture, its vibrant atmoshere and its hypnotic colors palette.

OURIKA THE LABEL is an idea by Charlotte, French born. “I moved to Marrakech 2 years ago to start a new adventure in my life, designing my own fashion label. The combination of all my travel experiences, my passion for fashion and my deep love for the moroccan culture led me to give life to OURIKA THE LABEL project. Ourika is not just a fashion label. It’s also a strong human experience. My artisans are everything”.

Each garment from Ourika the label is ‘artisanally’ made in workshop in Marrakech by a tribe of local artisans using ancestral and sustainable techniques. Drawing inspiration from earth, each Ourika the label piece has a purpose and a spiritual meaning revealing the magnetism of the Moroccan culture.

To protect Mother Earth, Ourika the label aims to select natural and local fabrics. When you purchase an Ourika the label garment you are not just buying an appealing piece but a sustainable one that can be worn and styled in multiple ways, freeing the wearer to live life to the fullest.

Thank you for your purchase. You are now part of the Ourika the label tribe.

Proudly made in Morocco with passion and love.


“I’ve been travelling to Morocco for years and it’s the most inspiring country I’ve seen in my life.” OURIKA THE LABEL is a crossroad between France and Morocco. It’s an “ôde” to the vibrant and colorful Moroccan culture and to the unique and ancestral French craftsmanship.  

I made my first OURIK/\ the Label drop with a 100% versatile, effortless and free-flowing nomad dress that can be worn in multiple ways. Enabling the wearer to be ready for any eventuality of a summer occasion, from day-to-evening. The dress embodies the signature garment of the brand.

My major point was to honor the traditions of moroccan craftsmanship and the local connection with people. The fashion industry is the third biggest polluter in the world. I am aware that I can’t change the system but I crave to leave a light footprint on this planet by designing a sustainable label with human values.

‘I want to have a fully respect to my employees that create my garments and with the planet that surrounds us’. 

‘I also want to be transparent with my clients, communicating about my production chain, so we are all aware that we are trying our best together.

“Hope you will enjoy OURIKA THE LABEL.”